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Give a layout of your final prints. This is avoiding second-guessing or picturing what the resulting prints will look like. What you think is good color printed result may not be similar to what the printer think so. Since you two are different people with different tastes, it is best to just give them an idea of what you want attained.

The image sharpness you see on screen should not intimidate you into toning them a little to adjust to the level that your eyes think is right. Having a sharp image on screen is an assurance that the image will print well. If you will be using uncoated stocks of papers, then the sharpness you see on screen will probably be seen in the same aspect when it is already printed on paper. Always ask the photographer to provide you with the raw files. These files will give you the best resemblance in quality especially if it is given in the hands of those who are experts in making the most out of these files.

If you want to have the best colors present in your prints and images,Before you renew your policy, having to go through the process of getting them is more than worth it. And it would also be for the best if you do not rely solely on the tools and equipments being used. Some knowledge and understanding would help, a lot too.

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